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SPM715-바닥 셀프레벨링 시공 동영상

페이지 정보

작성자 동서상사 작성일15-11-11 16:35 조회2,478회


Putzmeister 스크리트/숏크리트 펌프-바닥 셀프레벨링 실제 시공 동영상입니다.


The small, light and efficient fine concrete pump trailer for pumping anhydrite, cement and cementrite self levelling floor screed and fine concrete up to 16 mm grain.
The S-valve with automatic sealing effect allows pump pressures up to 68 bar and is even seal-proof for slurries and water. Wear that occurs is compensated automatically with the automatic ring of the S-pipe. 



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